The Current Trial Library provides an organized collection of 'freedom of expression' cases in Turkey. Who is being tried, why, what sort of a sentence is demanded, in which phase is the case? Cases listed in the database are categorized into Media cases, and further defined according to the kind of violation they refer to: Defamation, Cyber crime, Police violence, terrorism and more.

A trial calendar is included in the database, showcasing the schedule of the trials that refer to freedom on expression in Turkey which are planned in the forthcoming months.

The database Current Trial Library combines an informative mission with an advocacy oriented effort: as pointed out in the web-page hosting the database, this information should be available to the public through the National Judiciary Informatics System as foreseen by Article 141 of the Constitution. Yet so far only State officials can access all information and this makes the effort of CTL particularly relevant in fostering transparency in the judicial system of Turkey.

Tags: Freedom of expression Legal protection Access to information Turkey
Publication Date: 23/02/2017
Source: Current Trial Library: Database of legal cases on Freedom of Expression in Turkey
Dataset format: xml
Accessibility: free