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Theories of Journalism in a Digital Age - Introduction

This special issue introductory article investigates contemporary notions of theory in journalism studies

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Journalism, Moral Panic and the Public Interest - The case of Sharleen Spiteri

This article explores notions of the public interest in the context of a particular case study, that of Sharleen Spiteri, which raises some important and difficult questions for the ethical practice of journalism.

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Migrants and Media Newsmaking Practices

This paper analyses the newsmaking routines of mainstream newspapers and TV channels in six European countries (Greece, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland amd the United Kingdom) with a view to showing which factors mostly influence these routines with regard to the portrayal and the representation of immigrants in the mainstream media.

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A suitable case for transplant? The BBC and public service journalism in post-communist Romania

Can the values of public service journalism be transplanted to a society emerging from dictatorship? This paper is the first detailed account of the BBC's engagement with journalism in Romania after the fall of communism, including a description and evaluation of the journalism training carried out by the BBC in the country in the 1990s

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Journalism in the Era of Big Data: Cases, Concepts and Critiques - Introduction

This open-access article introduces the Special Issue of Digital Journalism (Volume 3, Issue 3, 2015), focusing on Journalism In An Era Of Big Data

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Clarifying Journalism’s Quantitative Turn - A typology for evaluating data journalism, computational journalism, and computer-assisted reporting

This open-access article defines and compares three quantitative forms of journalism—computer-assisted reporting, data journalism, and computational journalism—examining the points of overlap and divergence among their journalistic values and practices

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International assistance and media democratization in the Western Balkans: a cross-national comparison

This report by Irion and Jusic, published by Analitika in 2013, compares the conditions and factors that influence the creation of sustainable and functional media institutions in the democratizing countries of the Western Balkans. It does so by taking into account the strong role played by international assistance programs and conditionality mechanisms.

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Briefing Notes Series on Freedom of Expression

With these Briefing Notes, the Centre for Law and Democracy provides a summary of key standards regarding freedom of expression. Articulated into twelve chapters, the Notes tackle the topic from different perspectives, including more traditional ones ("Freedom of expression as a Human Right) as well as topic of more recent origin (e.g., Digital Rights)

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Challenges to Media Freedom: A view from Europe

Drawing on the findings of two projects awarded by the European Commission, the paper examines the sources of the threats hindering media freedom in Europe

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