Abstracts of relevant books and substantial reports on press and media freedom. Whenever available, links to freely accessible book copies are provided

Regardless of Frontiers. Global Freedom of Expression in a Troubled World

A collection of essays where the authors also consider ongoing and new challenges to global norms on freedom of expression and information, from conflicts over hate speech and the rise of populism to authoritarian governments, as well as the profound disruption introduced by the internet

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A mission to inform. Journalists at risk speak out

This book, dedicated "to Daphne Caruana Galizia and all journalists who have lost their lives in the exercise of their profession", is based on in-depth interviews with 20 journalists from 18 different countries and exemplifies forms of interference with press freedom already identified in the 2017 study, as well as journalists’ perceptions and the strategies they employ to go on with their work

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Network Propaganda

A comprehensive study of media coverage of US presidential politics argues that the post-truth moment and the perceived democratic crisis have more to do with a longstanding change in the American right-wing media ecosystem than with social networks, Russian propaganda, and "fake news" websites

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Understanding Media and Information Literacy (MIL) in the Digital Age. A Question of Democracy

A comprehensive overview of studies and approaches about Media and Information Literacy, so that the topic can be understood as part of a whole including legislation and reforms in media, education, and society. This book considers MIL a long-term goal, not a short-term solution

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Media, Freedom of Speech, and Democracy in the EU and Beyond

This volume is a collection of contributions from several experts, offering up-to-date analysis and enhancing the ongoing debate on freedom of media and democracy in Europe

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In the Service of Power: Media Capture and the Threat to Democracy

This volume collects papers presented at a conference hosted by the Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs, and is “the first of its kind” to explore “how political figures and economic elites are colluding to undermine the independence of privately-owned news media”

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The Last Column

A book collecting the last stories published by 24 journalists killed in the line of duty.

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Rising To The Populist Challenge: A New Playbook For Human Rights Actors

Following the rise of populist governments in recent years, an editorial group of scholars and lawyers gathered and analysed a repertoire of responses by human rights organisations to the crackdown against civil society in the populist context

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The Media in Transitional Democracies

Katrin Voltmer examines the role of the media in democratic transition in Eastern Europe, Latin America, Africa, and Asia

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Free European Media - 2018 Edition

On 15 February 2018 in Gdansk (Poland) in the framework of an international conference, the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) launched a new book called "Free European Media" addressing new challenges faced by journalists around Europe

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