Abstracts of relevant books and substantial reports on press and media freedom. Whenever available, links to freely accessible book copies are provided

The Legacy of Peter Forsskål: 250 Years of Freedom of Expression

Sweden was the first country in the world to adopt legislation on the freedom of expression in 1766. In occasion of the 250th anniversary of the Ordinance, a collective volume explores its legacy and its connections with the current state of freedom of expression in Europe

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Comparing Media Systems: Three Models of Media and Politics

A book exploring the possibility to find stable relationships between political systems and communication systems as well as different professional models of journalism where these relationships count

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Attacks on the Press: The New Face of Censorship

The 2017 edition of CPJ's annual report on press conditions worldwide focuses on the new challenges and forms of censorship, which are becoming increasingly serious for journalists and media

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Russian Mass Media and Changing Values

The book takes into consideration the structural and cultural changes in Russian media landscape, focusing on the impact that Russian media have on citizens’ identities

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Broadcasting and National Imagination in Post-Communist Latvia

Juzefovičs looks at the intermingling of "nation building" and public broadcasting in post-communist Latvia

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Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow. Freedom of Expression in Turkey Report (1995- 2015)

The “Initiative for Freedom of Expression” collects a series of opinions and comments from Turkish defenders of the right to free expression

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Media in New Turkey. The Origins of an Authoritarian Neoliberal State

This book describes how Turkey's media environment reflects the country's dynamic political, economic, social and cultural landscapes

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“Stakeholder-driven journalism”

“Stakeholder-driven journalism” is the real future of watchdog reporting, a new book argues

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