Guides, handbooks and tool-kits released by institutions and NGOs, providing journalists and activists with useful background informations, summaries and advice

Transgender Europe - Guide for Journalists

Transgender Europe’s Guide for Journalists is a practical guide on how to cover stories about trans people, or about issues which affect trans people, in a fair and respectful manner

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Safety protocol with 16 points for journalists covering conflict zones

A Safety Protocol for journalists covering conflict zones that was issued at the end of a two-day workshop in Diyarbakir (Southeast of Turkey) co-organised by the Journalists Union of Turkey (TGS) in partnership with the European and International Federation of Journalists (EFJ-IFJ)

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Bookmarks - A manual for combating hate speech online

No Hate Speech Movement has published a new Bookmarks hate speech manual – Revised edition (2016) – with the inclusion of the Guide to Human Rights for Internet Users

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Make Yourself Useful: Six simple things your newsroom can do for democracy

This research paper puts forward a set of relatively simple adjustments that can be done in newsrooms to help editorial media serve democracy better in the new media ecosystem, based on interviews with 18 leading figures in media and academia

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Disaster and Crisis Coverage, a manual for journalists

A complete guide to help journalists in understanding how to cover disasters and critical events

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Journalist Security in the Digital World: A Survey

The digital world turns journalism into a riskier profession, but it can also make it safer. Digital technology can offer tools to minimize the dangers. How do journalists get along with risks and opportunities?

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Glossary of Hate Speech in the Media of Armenia and Azerbaijan

A study on hate speech in the media of Armenia and Azerbaijan, developed by Yerevan Press Club and Yeni Nesil Journalists’ Union of Azerbaijan, exposes the most common stereotypes and examples of inaccurate information in the media of these two countries

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A Toolkit: ‘Hate Speech’ Explained

In this toolkit, ARTICLE 19 provides a guide to identify ’hate speech‘ and how to effectively counter it, while protecting the rights to freedom of expression and equality

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Training Manual on litigation of freedom of expression in East Africa

This module is designed to assist applicants in cases relating to freedom of expression and the rights of the media at the regional level, in East Africa. The module describes the processes and procedures for filing and arguing human rights cases before the three regional courts in Africa

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Training Manual on International and Comparative Media and Freedom of Expression Law

This manual provides resources and background materials to help trainers prepare and participants to understand training workshops on media and freedom of expression law

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