Guides, handbooks and tool-kits released by institutions and NGOs, providing journalists and activists with useful background informations, summaries and advice

Guidelines for the application of the Rome Charter: A working tool for accurate media coverage on migration and asylum

Media should cover migration-related issues in a thorough and nuanced way, based on solid facts. While the Rome Charter on the one hand suggests guidelines for Italian journalists when reporting on asylum seekers, refugees, victims and migrants, on the other hand this guide focuses on translating the principles affirmed in the code of conduct into practical guidance for journalists

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The Oxygen Method: New lenses to see the hidden censorship

Ossigeno per l’Informazione has published the manual "The new lenses against censorship" showing in detail the method of monitoring developed by Ossigeno and experienced in Italy, and its results

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Security-in-a-box. Tools and tactics for digital security

Security in-a-Box is a guide to digital security throughout the world, providing guidance for both general principles of online security and for specific situations

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Web metrics: basics for journalists

This booklet for journalists is a basic guide for understanding web metrics and aims to help media organizations use digital measurement tools more effectively

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YouTube basics for journalists

This booklet for journalists provides the reader with tools to build successful YouTube channels and measure those channels’ effectiveness over time

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Verification Handbook. An ultimate guideline to verifying digital content for emergency coverage

The Verification Handbook is a new resource for journalists and aid providers in crisis situations. It advices on best practices for verification and use of informations provided by the masses, as well as on disaster preparedness in newsrooms

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Safety Manual. Guidelines for Journalists in Extraordinary or Emergency Situations

The South East Europe Media Organisation (SEEMO) published the Manual "Safety Net - Guidelines for Journalists in Extraordinary or Emergency Situations" in the frame of the project 'Safety Net for European Journalists'

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Freedom of Expression, Media Law and Defamation: a Training Manual for Europe

This Training Manual redacted by Media Legal Defence Initiative (MLDI) and the International Press Institute (IPI) is targeted to journalists and lawyers to help them approaching in an informed manner the issue of defamation in their professional activity

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Follow the Money: A Digital Guide for Tracking Corruption

The ICFJ handbook redacted by the Romanian Centre for Investigative Journalism provides investigative journalists methods to track criminal companies across the borders, to untangle company ownership schemes and chase corruption

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Safety and solidarity for journalists in Ukraine 2014: a handbook for journalists unions facing a crisis

This handbook published by International Federation of Journalists, in cooperation with the Independent Media Trade Union of Ukraine, The National Union of Journalists of Ukraine and the Russian Union of Journalists of Ukraine. It examines the specific challenges confronting journalists and journalists' associations when operating in conflict settings such as the Ukrainina one

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