Analyses on specific aspects related to press and media freedom, performed and published by research centres, non-governmental organizations and public bodies

ARTICLE 19 comments on new Italian regulation on ‘hate speech’

Some improvements, but also lack of compliance with the international framework: a mixed judgment by ARTICLE 19 welcomes the new AGCOM Regulation in Italy, while hate speech remains a great concern in the country

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Understanding our political nature

New insights into the analysis of political behaviour arrive from the behavioural sciences, social sciences, and humanities: how and why emotions, values, identity, and reason affect the way people think, talk, and take decisions, including on political issues. In 100 pages, an overview with suggestions for a future research agenda

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“It Won’t Always Be Like This": How to Prepare Turkey’s Journalists for a Freer Era

A study on future of quality journalism in Turkey, based on over 100 interviews, field trips, and workshops: this report proposes innovative solutions such as the opening of “Creative Cafes” and “Journalism Experience Centres”, the sponsoring of international internship programmes, and the mapping of trusted reporters

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Nations in Transit 2018 – Hungary Country report

The “Nations in Transit” report on Hungary by Freedom House (2018) provides an overview of the country’s democratic institutions, including a section devoted to independent media

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Online Abuse Now Commonplace for Balkan Women Reporters

Reflecting the global trend, female journalists in the Balkans are more often attacked online than their male colleagues: an investigation with dozens of interviews and comments and an open platform to collect stories of attacks, harassment and threats, reports of a worrying picture where women are also left alone facing intimidation and its psychological impact

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Report on the implementation of the Action Plan Against Disinformation

Stating that “the fight against disinformation must continue”, in this report the European Commission checks the progress achieved by the Action Plan against Disinformation, explaining how it helped deter attacks, expose fake news, and encourage journalists and national authorities before the European Election 2019

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Monitoring of the 2019 European Parliament election campaign in the main news programme of Polish public TV

Polish public TV fails to respect the rules of pluralism, impartiality, balance, and independence of content: this is the outcome of the monitoring of the main news programme “Wiadomości” in the two weeks before European elections

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Newsroom Best Practices for Addressing Online Violence against Journalists

Interviews and visits in 45 newsrooms in 5 countries about online harassment of women: based on data collected in cooperation with the Office of the Representative on Freedom of the Media of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), this study examines the protection of female journalists as part of a broader analysis of newsroom strategies to counter online attacks and harassment on all journalists

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New digital threats to media pluralism in the information age

The increasing concentration of resources and the spreading of disinformation threaten quality information and media pluralism online. This essay, belonging to the Working Paper Series on 'Freedom and Pluralism of the Media, Society and Markets', focuses on economic, quality, and social threats, with the goal of examining dangers to pluralistic, quality information and finding responses to preserve media pluralism and a professional process of information production

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Media Capture in Europe

An accurate overview on the worrying media capture phenomenon that is occurring in Europe, and mostly in its Eastern part, with useful theoretical instruments to understand several dangerous forms of interference in the media sphere

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