Analyses on specific aspects related to press and media freedom, performed and published by research centres, non-governmental organizations and public bodies

Anti-Western propaganda. Media monitoring report 2014-2015

This report by Media Development Foundation Georgia focuses on anti-Western rhetoric in the country and the role of media sustaining this phenomenon

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OSCE Safety of Journalists Guidebook

This 2014 OSCE Guidebook, released by the Representative on Freedom of the Media, approaches the issue of attacks on media in a comprehensive way, positing solutions to create a safe environment for journalists

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Freedom of the press in 2014. Harsh laws and violence drive global decline

Freedom of the Press 2015, the latest edition of an annual report published by Freedom House since 1980, highlights the sharp worsening of media freedom in 2014, as journalists around the world faced mounting restrictions on the free flow of news and information— including grave threats to their own lives

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Erdoğan is chasing the dream “The media of the majesty” - BİA January-February-March 2015 media observation report

BİA January-February-March 2015 Media Observation Report reveals "the intensive juridical oppression and the police violence" against citizens, journalists and freedom of expression in Turkey

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Reconceptualising copyright: adapting the rules to respect freedom of expression in the digital age

This report examines the current framework of copyright rules from a freedom of expression perspective in order to determine how copyright should be reformed to best promote and protect it

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The politics of media development

This paper outlines the key role of political support, the need for understanding of political context, and how implementers can engage drivers of change to build support and development for media

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Speaking of terror. A survey of the effects of counter-terrorism legislation on freedom of the media in Europe

A survey of the effects of counter-terrorism legislation on freedom of the media in Europe, drafted by David Banisar for the Council of Europe

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Report by the CoE Commissioner for Human Rights following his visit to Montenegro

In this report Nils Muiznieks, Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe, following his visit to Montenegro from 17 to 20 March 2014 assesses the state of human rights in Montenegro. The main issues emerged are those pertaining to post war justice and reconciliation, actions needed against discrimination, and freedom of the media

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Freedom of media in the Western Balkans

This report commissioned by the European Parliament analyses media freedom and pluralism in the Western Balkans in light of the EU enlargement policy, providing region-wide monitoring as well as country-specific profiles

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Western Balkans and Turkey. Media and freedom of expression fact-finding and scoping study

This report commissioned by the European Commission provides four sets of recommendations with close to forty detailed action proposals aiming at improving institutional capacities in the Western Balkans and Turkey to ensure media freedom and freedom of expression

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