Analyses on specific aspects related to press and media freedom, performed and published by research centres, non-governmental organizations and public bodies

How to Counter Fake News? A taxonomy of anti-fake news approaches

The article provides a first taxonomy of anti-fake news approaches, arguing that contrasting the phenomenon with news laws could aggravate its root causes

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Freedom of Expression Trials in Turkey (June-December 2018)

The Media and Law Studies Association (MLSA) and International Press Institute (IPI) prepared this report to provide a larger set of data on the Turkish court system in relation to freedom of expression trials. The data that is provided also aims to show the ECtHR and other relevant bodies that Turkey’s judicial system is far from being effective, speedy, or efficient

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Democracy at Risk: Threats and Attacks Against Media Freedom in Europe. Annual Report 2019

This 2019 Annual Report by 12 Council of Europe partner organisations portrays the situation of the media environment in Europe, highlighting its most problematic aspects and their causes. It also provides an in-depth look into particular issues or countries and recommendations to ensure a better media environment

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Confronting the Crisis in Independent Media

Given the undeniable decline of independent journalism and the lack of understanding by international donors about how to help, this report sketches guidelines on how to confront the crisis on a coordinated global scale

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Online Module: Inclusion through media

These resources and case studies look at the role and responsibilities of media, civil society, and institutions in enabling (or hindering) empowerment and participation of all members of society

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Public Service Media in the context of disinformation and propaganda

This report explores the critical role of the Public Service Media (PSM) in counteracting the widespread phenomenon of information disorder, calling for a joint action among relevant actors and highlighting core novel “best practices” and activities undertaken by public service media organizations worldwide

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