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Freedom House - Freedom of the Press - Indexes

Since 1980, the Freedom of the Press index assesses on an annual basis the degree of print, broadcast, and digital media freedom in 199 countries

Global Media Freedom Dataset - Indexes

The Global Media Freedom Dataset ranks the media environment in each country on the basis of the capability of journalists to express criticism and to keep those in power accountable 

Deterioration of media freedom in Croatia Thursday 01 December 2016 - Infographic


. This infographic presents and elaborates some of the aspects raised by different organizations working to support media freedom: among the sources included, ECPMF report Croatia: Media Freedom in Turbulent Times ... Croatia, Media_freedom, Freedom_of_expression, Defamation_and_Libel ... Croatia Media_freedom Freedom_of_expression Defamation_and_Libel ... Croatia is recording a generalized decline of the conditions pertaining to media freedom and pluralism ... Deterioration of media freedom in Croatia

Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights' report on Croatia, 2016 Tuesday 25 October 2016 - Infographic


Croatia, Media_freedom, Defamation_and_Libel, Impunity, Public_broadcasting ... Croatia Media_freedom Defamation_and_Libel Impunity Public_broadcasting ... This infographic summarizes the remarks formulated by Nils Muižnieks, Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, following his visit to Croatia, from 25 to 29 April 2016 ... Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights' report on Croatia, 2016 ... Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights' report on Croatia, 2016

Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights' report on Croatia - Reports

Council of Europe Commissione for Human Rights raises concern about weak protection of journalists’ rights and working conditions and the independence of public service media in Croatia

Transparency of media ownership in Croatia - Wikipedia Item

The new Wikipedia article "Transparency of media ownership in Croatia " has been released in September 2016. The article is part of the series on "Transparency of media ownership in Europe " and will be followed by other country-specific items

Solidarity campaign with Turkish journalists: how to help - Campaigns

EFJ and IFJ launched a solidarity campaign with the Turkish journalists following the new attacks on press freedom and human rights in Turkey since the coup attempt on 15 July

European Western Balkans: 2015 World Press Freedom Index Thursday 10 December 2015 - Infographic


Media_freedom, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo ... Media_freedom Croatia Serbia Bosnia Herzegovina Montenegro North Macedonia Albania Kosovo

Croatia Media Map - Reports

BalkanMedia by the KAS South East Europe Media Programme provides a synthetic map of the media situation in Croatia

Media freedom and independence in 14 European countries: A comparative perspective - Reports

A comparative analysis across 14 countries and across different types of media services with a view to evaluating and analysing media policy patterns and their contribution to the promotion of media freedom and independence