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Online Abuse Now Commonplace for Balkan Women Reporters - Reports

Reflecting the global trend, female journalists in the Balkans are more often attacked online than their male colleagues: an investigation with dozens of interviews and comments and an open platform to collect stories of attacks, harassment and threats, reports of a worrying picture where women are also left alone facing intimidation and its psychological impact

Manifesto of Venice against gender-based violence - Campaigns

Gender based violence is among the most common human rights violations in the world. The Manifesto of Venice launched against gender-based violence lists a number of recommendations to improve gender equality in the media against every kind of violence perpetuated through verbal and visual contents.

Sexual Harassment Toolkit's Awareness poster Friday 23 November 2018 - Infographic


Sexual harassment in the news media industry is a pervasive and global problem. A 2013-2014 global survey found that 48% of female journalists had experienced some form of sexual harassment ... media/sexual-harassment-toolkit-s-awareness-poster/47472-1-eng-GB/Sexual-Harassment-Toolkit-s-Awareness-poster.jpg> ... Gender_in_media ... Gender_in_media ... This awareness poster is part of the toolkit developed by Women in News to deal with and prevent sexual harassment in the media organisations

Gender In/equality in Media and Journalism - Opportunities

An Interactive Open Online Course open to young persons aged 18-30, residing in Europe and the Southern Mediterranean

Three tips for reporting on gender-based violence - HTML5 video

A short video by IJNet (International Journalists' Network) on how to avoid stereotypes and sensationalism when portraying violence against women and girls in media

Sexual Harassment Toolkit - Manuals

The toolkit offers guidelines for media employers and employees on dealing with and preventing sexual harassment in media organisations

Online harassment of journalists: the trolls attack - Reports

This report by Reporters Without Borders (RSF) deals with online mass harassment of journalists by trolls

#DeixaElaTrabalhar (Let her work) - Campaigns

A campaign launched on Twitter to stop sexual harassment of female sports reporters working on camera

Gender Equality in the EU’s Digital and Media Sectors - Reports

This briefing by the European Parliamentary Research Service (March 2018) provides updated background data showing the existing gender divide in the digital and media sectors across the European Union

World Press Freedom Day 2018: call for papers - Opportunities

Organised by UNESCO and the University of Ghana, the 3rd edition of the World Press Freedom Day Academic Conference will focus on the safety of journalists