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#iComment: Twitter a hornet’s nest for anti-Semitic speech

by Ana Ribeiro In the international battle against hate speech and fake news, Facebook has taken a lot of flak for the scourge’s proliferation, especially from German politicians and authorities. But watchdogs are now turning the spotlight onto a phenomenon most linked to Twitter: users' promotion of anti-Semitic messages. Tel Aviv University's Kantor Center for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry recently released a study noting differences in the way anti-Semitism is currently expressed. It has now largely moved online: the report cited research estimating anti-Semitic posts were popping up on social media every 83 seconds in 2016, nearly two-thirds of…

Source: European Centre for Press and Media Freedom (ECPMF)

“They won’t shut me up”, Franco Abruzzo says following a hacker attack

His website has suffered 14 attacks in three days, was isolated and indicated as dangerous, his newsletter was censored Between Saturday, May 6, and Monday, May 8, 2017, the website, which hosts the online news bulletin on journalism in Italy, was made inaccessible by 14 attacks from unknown hackers who replaced the original homepage

Source: O2 in English – Ossigeno Informazione

Viareggio. Offensive murals against reporter

Sexist insults were addressed to Letizia Tassinari. Two days before the news outlet for which she works had made known the identities of two hooligans involved in a fight “No names, no surnames” followed by a bunch of heavy sexist insults against the reporter of the online newspaper, Letizia Tassinari. The writings appeared on

Source: O2 in English – Ossigeno Informazione

Six journalists attacked between Campania, Lazio and Sicily

In Aversa (Caserta province), three journalists were beaten in the square. In Monreale (Palermo province), Gaetano Ferraro was also given a beating. In Rome, it happened to TV show Matrix crew New aggressions against journalists have occurred in Campania, Lazio and Sicily. CAMPANIA – On April 25, 2017 the journalists Lidia and Christian De Angelis

Source: O2 in English – Ossigeno Informazione

The Antiracket Federation announces lawsuit against Bolzoni

For criticism on the seven million euro in 2007/2013 by the PON – National Operational Security Plan. Ossigeno: it is legitimate to rectify, not so to intimidate “Low insinuations” and “false statements”. Thus, the Antiracket Italian Federation (FAI) defines the criticisms that the journalist Attilio Bolzoni addressed in the article “The fight of the brave

Source: O2 in English – Ossigeno Informazione

Reckless lawsuits. Senator filippin, imperative to stop them and there is an agreement

Instead, on the abolition of prison and the correction without comment longer times are needed, as the rapporteur on the defamation bill explains “The goal is clear. Faced with the instrumental use of justice, for intimidating, journalists need a legislative solution. This urgent question needs a quick response from the legislator”, Senator Rosanna Filippin (Pd),

Source: O2 in English – Ossigeno Informazione

Insults on facebook: two cases in Naples and Trieste

The journalist Claudia Cernigoi had published a photo, but Fabio Postiglione had relaunched the video of a religious procession NAPLES – “Terrorist Journalists”. This and other insults have appeared on some Facebook profiles on May 5, 2017 last night as comments to a video showing the tribute – on the occasion of a religious event

Source: O2 in English – Ossigeno Informazione

We met the Turkish journalist Can Dündar

This intervew was first published by OBCT/Fazıla Mat Prato After the constitutional referendum, Turkey seems to be a lacerated country. How do you appraise the result of the consultation and what awaits the country in the near future? Can Dündar talks about fears and hopes for Turkey after Erdoğan's victory in the constitutional referendum. If splitting the country can be considered a success, we can say Erdoğan was triumphant: he succeeded in polarizing the society, dividing it in half. The referendum was not on the constitution but on Erdoğan: the country now appears divided between those who love him and those who…

Source: European Centre for Press and Media Freedom (ECPMF)

How the Liberal Democrats are using Facebook ads to court ‘remainers’

It is evident from their manifesto that the Liberal Democrats want to appeal to “remain” voters. It is by looking at their Facebook ads, however, that we get a clearer idea of how their strategy on Brexit has been unfolding, an analysis by LSE researchers Damian Tambini, Nick Anstead and  João Carlos Magalhães suggests. This post is the first in […]

Source: Media Policy Project

Bad News | Saturday May 20

Cosenza. Journalist condemned to thirty months, risks prison The case of Gabriele Carchidi, chief editor of Four convictions in court in eight months without conditional suspension of the sentence Over the last eight months, Gabriele Carchidi, a 52-year-old journalist from Cosenza, chief editor of the online newspaper, was convicted by the Tribunal of

Source: O2 in English – Ossigeno Informazione