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Ukraine: impunity persists for the murder of Pavel Sheremet

A year after journalist Pavel Sheremet was killed by a car bomb in Kiev, Ukraine has so far failed to make progress on the case. A report highlights issues with Kiev’s credibility and suggests the need for an independent probe

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Killing Pavel: a OCCRP documentary

​On 20 July 2016 Belarusian investigative journalist Pavel Sheremet died in a car explosion in Kyiv, Ukraine. He was a critic of authoritarian presidencies in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. The case is still unsolved, although the Ukraine Prosecutor's Office labelled the death a 'murder'. For over nine months, reporters from OCCRP and Slidstvo.Info conducted their own investigation, both into the murder and into the police probe – and recorded every step of the way. “Killing Pavel” is the result of these efforts

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