A Manifesto for Sustainable Journalism in South East Europe and Turkey

This digest was produced in cooperation with the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ)

The manifesto calls for commitment of journalists and editors to cardinal principles of reporting, through adoption of a code of conduct for journalism ensuring accuracy, independence, impartiality, humanity and transparency; for good governance through guaranteeing respect for human rights and preventing secret and corrupt forms of interference or conflicts of interest in the ownership and management of media; commitment to self regulation in correcting mistakes, engaging with the audience, and demonstrating the dedication to serve the public.

The publication is part of Building Trust in Media In South East Europe and Turkey, a three-year programme carried out by the Ethical Journalism Network in partnership with UNESCO and supported by the European Commission.

Tags: Media literacy Serbia Kosovo Montenegro Turkey Albania Bosnia Herzegovina North Macedonia
Publication Date: 30/07/2018
Research and Editorial Team: Tom Law, Dasha Ilic