Guides, handbooks and tool-kits released by institutions and NGOs, providing journalists and activists with useful background informations, summaries and advice

A DIY Guide to Feminist Cybersecurity

Noah Kelley is the writer and developer of this guide. Fiercely dedicated to establishing a culture of safe, accessible, and enriching technology free from exploitation, Noah explores cyberfeminism through the activist organization HACK*BLOSSOM. This guide is intended to be a comprehensive and accessible introduction to some of the most valuable cybersecurity tools available

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Defence Handbook for Journalists and Bloggers on Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Information Principles in International Law

The Defence Handbook for Journalists and Bloggers is unique in its kind as it focuses specifically on the application of international legal principles to the work of journalists

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What if...? Safety Handbook for Women Journalists

A safety handbook for media women based on the writer's personal experience. What if...? considers different categories of women journalists (international women journalists, regional journalists and local journalists), and the threats they face, providing advice and recommendations on security and safety

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Digital security do's and don'ts for journalists

During IJNet’s webinar on digital security, Rajan Kapoor , director of security at Dropbox , and Sérgio Spagnuolo , former ICFJ former TruthBuzz Fellow and head of data journalism agency and consultancy Volt Data Lab , shared tips and tools that journalists can use to protect themselves, their data and their story

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Protecting the Safety of Journalists, Protecting Freedom of Expression: A Handbook for EU Delegations

Media4Democracy has released a comprehensive guide to assist EU Delegations and EU Member States in protecting the safety of journalists and other media actors in diverse contexts, at a time when the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic are exacerbating existing threats to freedom of expression around the world. Media4Democracy is an EU financed technical assistance project to support freedom of expression around the world

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7 Points For Covering A Pandemic

The Ethical Journalism Network has compiled a list of seven tips for journalists covering pandemics

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Protocol for newsrooms to support journalists targeted with online harassment

IPI’s protocol outlines a four-step framework that newsrooms can take to more effectively protect targeted journalists from the professional and emotional impact of online abuse

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Digital Security Guides

Reporters Without Borders' Helpdesk for Digital Security provides information about digital security for journalists

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Safety of Female Journalists Online- A #SOFJO Resource Guide

A Guide that aims to fill the gap between theory and the realization of online safety for women journalists

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