Guides, handbooks and tool-kits released by institutions and NGOs, providing journalists and activists with useful background informations, summaries and advice

Sexual Harassment Toolkit

The toolkit offers guidelines for media employers and employees on dealing with and preventing sexual harassment in media organisations

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Reporting Atrocities: A Toolbox For Journalists Covering Violent Conflict and Atrocities

A toolbox for journalists covering extremely violent conflicts in other countries, but especially in their own communities

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Countering Online Hate Speech

A study by UNESCO, presenting ways to tackle online hate speech through strategies put in practice by different actors.

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Online Comment Moderation. Emerging Best Practices

The study offers a wide range of online comment management methods adopted by media outlets and companies around the world, pointing out to the best practices for dealing with offensive and unsuitable comment and hate speech

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Journalism Ethics in Digital Age

This guide in Spanish addresses the main concerns of journalists and media regarding ethical challenges of the fast-paced era of digital news

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Manual on Hate Speech

A manual by the Council of Europe on the legal instruments, political initiatives, and case-law concerning hate speech in Europe during the last decades, with a special focus on the activity of the European Court of Human Rights

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Protecting the right to freedom of expression under the European Convention on Human Rights

A handbook to assist judges, prosecutors, lawyers and human rights’ defenders in ensuring that all cases involving freedom of expression (FoE) are handled in conformity with states’ obligations under Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), as developed by the Strasbourg Court

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Terrorism and the Media: a handbook for journalists

A report by UNESCO examines the challenges of balanced reporting on the volatile and emotionally charged subject of terrorism

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Peace journalism handbook

Bianet released a handbook on Peace-Journalism, proposing a professional model that is human rights-oriented, fair instead than “objective” and infused with feminist theory

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Safety Guide for Journalists - A handbook for reporters in high-risk environments

A survival kit that every investigative journalist should keep in pocket and in mind, provided by UNESCO and Reporter Without Borders on the basis of real experiences

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