Support centres

NGOs, unions and firms providing media and journalism professionals with legal, financial and advocacy support, protection and training opportunities, and other tools

Access Now

Access Now is an international non-profit whose aim is to defend and extend the digital rights of users at risk around the world.

By combining direct technical support, comprehensive policy engagement, global advocacy, grassroots grantmaking, and convenings, Access Now is engaged in defending human rights in the digital age. Policy furthers Access Now’s mission by developing and promoting rights-respecting practices and policies. Another activity of Access Now is aimed to advance laws and global norms to affect long-term systemic change in the area of digital rights and online security, developing insightful, rights-based, and well-researched policy guidance to governments, corporations, and civil society. Access Now also works to provide technology solutions and real-time advice for users at risk in circumstances where communications are not open, free, or safe. Through its 24/7 Digital Security Helpline, Access Now offers technical guidance and incident response to inform and support activists, journalists, human rights defenders, and civil society actors on the ground.

In Europe It has offices in London, Brussels and Berlin.

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Alliance of Lawyers for Human Rights

Established in 2009, the Alliance of Lawyers for Human Rights (Alliance des Avocats pour les droits de l'homme, AADH) is a worldwide organization providing legal support to organizations dedicated to the protection of human and environmental rights, including NGOs that provide legal support for journalist associations. Furthermore, in the case of Human Rights violations, the AADH provides legal information in order to structure and ensure the victim’s defense, as well as legal representation before the courts.

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ARTICLE 19 is an international NGO based in London and operating all over Europe. Article 19 offers free legal advice and advocacy support for Staff journalists, editors, media outlets, civic journalists/bloggers, freelance journalists, NGOs, and/or journalist associations.


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Association des Journalistes Professionels (Belgium)

Association des Journalistes Professionels (AVBB/AGJP) is a Belgian journalist association based in Brussels. AVBB provides free legal support to associated members.

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Association of BH Journalists (BH Novinari)

Association of BH Journalists (BH Novinari) is a non-political and non-profit journalist association based in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina. It provides free legal and advocacy support to Bosnian editors, staff or freelance journalists and other media outlets.

Contact persons at its Free Media Help Line are Borka Rudić,, + 387 33 255 602 and Una Telegrafčić,, + 387 33 223 818

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Association of Independent Press of Moldova

The Association of Independent Press (Asociatia Presei Independente, API) is a Moldavian non-governmental organisation established in Chisinau in 1997 to support apolitical mass media.

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Association of Journalists of Macedonia

The Association of Journalists of Macedonia (AJM) provides legal and advocacy support to staff journalists, editors, media outlets and freelance journalists. The service is paid through fixed rates, while for associated members it is free.
The person to be contacted is Dragan Sekulovski, via email, or or phone +389 2 2671 201.

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Associazione Stampa Romana

The Associazione Stampa Romana is the Journalists Union for journalists who live in the region Lazio, in Italy.

It is affiliated with FNSI, the national Journalists Union.

It offers different forms of support, such as legal counseling, psychological support, and deals with gender-based issues, professional harassment, support to reach out to European funding.

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Austrian Union of Private Sector Employees, Graphical Workers and Journalists

The Austrian Union of Private Sector Employees, Graphical Workers and Journalists (Gewerkschaft der Privatangestellten, Druck, Journalismus, Papier - GPA-djp) has about 270,000 members. It is the trade union with most members within the Austrian Trade Union Federation (Österreichischer Gewerkschaftsbund - ÖGB). It is a member of the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) and the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ).

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Bar Pro Bono Unit (England and Wales)

Bar Pro Bono Unit, a Clearing House operating in England and Wales, is a contact point between the public in need of legal advice and lawyers. People in need of legal aid and unable to afford to pay it, can apply to the organization and in case they meet the criteria are matched with a lawyer willing to donate his/her time and expertise to the case. bar Pro Bono Unit is active in support of organizations dealing with media professionals' rights. More details on the selection criteria and the application process can be found here .

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