Support centres

NGOs, unions and firms providing media and journalism professionals with legal, financial and advocacy support, protection and training opportunities, and other tools

GIJN Guide: Resources for Women Journalists

Women journalists often face unique challenges while doing their jobs. The Global Investigative Journalism Network GIJN has gathered resources to help our female colleagues around the world find networks, resources and tools to handle issues such as online harassment, workplace discrimination and gender-based violence, as well as easily locate opportunities and support designed specifically for women journalists.

The topics:

Networks (international and regional), Safety, Discrimination & Harassment, Mentors, Grants & Fellowships, Awards, Female Experts, Investigative Journalism

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GIJN Help Desk

The Global Investigative Journalism Network, an international association of journalism organizations, offers the access to a network of experts and resources able to help reporters around the world.

The helpdesk integrates hundreds of tip sheets, how-to stories, conference videos, in a sort of library, mirroring the aim of the network which is the training and sharing of information among investigative and data journalists—even in repressive regimes and marginalized communities.

GIJN helpdesk is presented as "a space designed to help investigative journalists around the world".

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Hungarian Civil Liberties Union

Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (TASZ) is an NGO operating in Hungary. TASZ provides legal and advocacy support to staff and freelance journalists, editors, media outlets, civic journalists or bloggers, NGOs, and journalist associations on a pro-bono fee basis. The responsible person is Dalma Dojcsák, contactable via email or phone +3612790046.

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impressum - die Schweizer Journalistinnen / Journalisten is the biggest journalists association in Switzerland.

impressum provides its members with legal and financial support.

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Independent Association of Georgian Journalists (IAGJ)

The IAGJ is a member of the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) and the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ).

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Independent Media Trade Union of Ukraine

Independent Media Trade Union of Ukraine is a Kiev-based trade union, member of the European Federation of Journalists, that provides legal and advocacy support to associated staff and freelance journalists, editors, media outlets and civic bloggers. Oksana Vynnychuk, the executive secretary can be contacted by phone + 380 50 356 57 58 or email The service is free for associated members.

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Index on Censorship

Index on Censorship (Index) is an international NGO based in London and operating all over Europe.

The Freedom of Expression Awards Fellowship celebrates individuals or groups who have had a significant impact fighting censorship anywhere in the world. Index awards fellowships in four categories (Arts, Campaigning, Digital activism, Journalism) and works with the winners to provide longer-term assistance to help fellows maximise their impact and broaden their networks. More details here.

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International Federation of Journalists (IFJ)

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) is the world's largest organisation of journalists. First established as the Fédération Internationale des Journalistes (FIJ) in 1926 in Paris, it was relaunched as the International Organization of Journalists (IOJ) in 1946 but lost its Western members to the Cold War and re-emerged in its present form in 1952 in Brussels. Today the Federation represents around 600,000 members in 140 countries.

IFJ promotes international action to defend press freedom and social justice through strong, free and independent trade unions of journalists. Its Safety Programme includes casework, protests, campaigns, information and production of various publications. The Safety Fund, established in 1992, is an integral part of this programme that provides immediate financial relief to journalists in financial straits as a result of work-related reasons, such as:

  • Forced exile due to threats at home
  • Litigation
  • Medical Expenses
  • Travel costs

The request for assistance has to be submitted either to the IFJ regional offices in the applicant’s region or directly to the IFJ Human Rights and Communications Officer in Brussels.

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Italian Coalition for Civil Liberties and Rights (CILD)

Founded in 2014, the Italian Coalition for Civil Liberties and Rights (Coalizione Italiana Libertà e Diritti Civili, CILD) is a network of civil society organizations that protects and expands the rights and liberties of all, through a combination of advocacy, public education and legal action.

CILD also coordinates a Centre for Legal Action that operates as a clearing-house, facilitating the interactions between law firms and non-profit associations in need of legal assistance.

- Legal information: CILD offers information support, in some remote cases, for anyone who asks for help in the field of civil liberties. A sort of emergency legal aid, for a concrete action orientation of protection.

- Strategic Litigation: When the only communication and lobbying is not enough, CILD supports the judgment actions with strategic litigation, a specific legal action capable of activating a regulatory change, promote awareness and debate around a theme, mobilizing public opinion, to push policy makers to overcome regulations that violate the fundamental rights of individuals.

- Pro bono legal advice: CILD arranges a free legal aid service, as an interface between civil society organizations and lawyers. Requests may concern: legal opinions, statutory acts, comparative research or case law, legal and, in exceptional cases, translations, initiation of litigation.

- Access to information: CILD monitors the implementation of the Italian FOIA


read more Advocacy Legal protection is an international NGO seated in Belgium and operating Europe - wide. Beside providing financial support to staff or freelance journalists for conducting research for an investigative journalism project, provides advocacy support to staff and freelance journalists, editors, media outlets as well as civic bloggers.

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