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Eurocadres, a trade union representing almost six million professionals and managers, has started to campaign for a EU legislation to protect whistleblowers. The campaign ”Whistleblowers need EU protection – lives, environment and money at stake “ has been joined by the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) which discussed a draft proposal on “Whistleblower protection in the public and private sector in the EU” . This draft, proposed on 4 May to European Parliament, guarantees protection for workers, trainees and apprentices working in all sectors of activity who disclose information concerning harms or threat to the public interest. The protection includes exemptions from criminal and civil proceedings as well as disciplinary measures related to the protected disclosure. 

EFJ members can join this campaign by uploading their logo through this link. You can email Camille Petit (camille@europeanjournalists.org) if you have any problem uploading your logo.

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EFJ - Whistleblowers protection


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Publication Date: 01/06/2016