Media in the WB6

On July 11 the Civil Society Forum of the Western Balkans Summit Series (WB6) will host a workshop on 'Media and journalism in the WB6: a very European issue’. The workshop, organized by Osservatorio Balcani Caucaso (OBCT) and CeSPI, is held in Trieste and aims to:

  • Discuss and identify regional and country-specific challenges in the field of media freedom, particularly focusing on media ethics and accountability
  • Collect inputs to address the main challenges identified, e.g. How to better support alternative media? Is there a sufficient level of dialogue between institutional processes and reality on the ground?
  • Identify key elements that need to be addressed by WB6 policy makers

The workshop is open to journalists, activists, members of civil society organization, media experts who are willing to discuss a crucial issue for the Western Balkans. 

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