The United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute welcomes applications for a new specialised course for media professionals within the UNICRI Journalism and Public Information Programme on New Threats.

The UNICRI Masterclass on Cyber Threats aims to provide media and public relations professionals, as well as those planning a career in public information and communication, with a deeper understanding of new security threats to states and citizens. The focus of the course is on cyber threats, internet governance and the role of media.

Over the two-day course participants will become acquainted with the latest developments in cyber threats, countering cyber crime measures, internet governance and privacy issues. Journalists and public information professionals will acquire key tools to find and verify sources reliability, to secure their personal information and media infrastructures, to frame ethical debates on national security and freedom of expression. Participants will meet high-level cyber security experts, as well as practitioners from international organizations and media professionals in this field, expanding their professional network in a select, international environment.

The Cyber Threats Masterclass will take place from 1 to 2 December 2016 at the United Nations Campus in Turin, Italy.

Deadline for applications is on 2 October 2016.

The tuition fee for the masterclass is € 450. Deadline for the payment is 12 October. Participants will bear the expenses related to travel, food and board. A number of scholarships covering the tuition fee is available.

For more information and application, visit the official website .

Tags: Digital safety Safety of journalists

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Deadline: 01/10/2016 10:00 pm