Digital intermediaries (search engines, social media, digital stores, news aggregators, and messaging apps) became one of the most important platforms for accessing and finding news in the 21st century, as shown by the role of Facebook in creating the so-called “privately-controlled public sphere” during the 2016 elections in the United States.

The kind of power of digital intermediaries questions media freedom, media pluralism, and current media policies. Different studies tried to explore the relationship between such intermediaries and media freedom and pluralism, but none of them has managed to answer the questions of how to measure and benchmark media pluralism and diversity of content distributed and shared by digital intermediaries. The goal of the conference “Digital intermediaries and media pluralism” is to explore such topics.

The call for papers is open until July 31, 2017 for Abstracts; October 1, 2017 for Full papers. 

The conference will be held in Dubrovnik, in October 27-28, 2017 in the frame of the  13th Dubrovnik Media Days . The event is organised by the University of Dubrovnik, in cooperation with the European University Institute/Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom.

Tags: Media freedom Media pluralism Online news Online media

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