Applications are open until April 5th, 2016, for the Journalism Prize Marco Luchetta.

The prizes are awarded to journalists, photographers and cameramen from all over the world who, through their work, have best been able to raise awareness of the plight of children, the innocent victims that are caught up in the storm of wars.

It is an award for analytical, comprehensive and investigative journalism: reporting of this kind is social message and news at one and the same time. It promotes the values of peace, solidarity, brotherhood, harmonious co-existence and the respect for civil rights, values that represent a way out of tragedies past and present.

On 28 January 1994, in Mostar East, a troupe of the Italian radio Television (RAI) from Trieste was filming a special report to propose Balkan war child victims as nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize. They were hit by a grenade: Marco Luchetta, Alessandro Ota, Dario D'Angelo were the first RAI correspondents to be killed while carrying out their work. The Luchetta Prize was created in their memory and in memory of Miran Hrovatin from Trieste who was killed in Mogadishu together with journalist Ilaria Alpi.

Deadline: 05/04/2016 9:59 pm