CPJ datasets compiles detailed information on journalists killed since 1992, including nationality, type of medium, gender and circumstances in which the killing took place. In cases of murder, CPJ monitors the law enforcement and judicial process for each confirmed murder case, categorizing the status of the investigation (complete impunity; partial justice; full justice).

When possible, CPJ also categorizes the perpetrators according to their belonging to a specific category (political groups; government officials; military officials; paramilitary groups; etc…).

CPJ applies strict journalistic standards to investigate and determine whether a death was work-related. For an overview of CPJ methodology, see here .

The database considers all cases involving staff journalists, freelancers, stringers, bloggers, and citizen journalists. Since 2003, the deaths of media support workers have also been included. For an overview of the terminology adopted by CPJ, see here

Tags: Impunity Worldwide
Publication Date: 06/02/2017
Source: Committee to Protect Journalists
Dataset format: xls
Accessibility: free