EMSS is a cross-country, comparative survey focusing on media coverage and the structure of media systems across 33 European countries.

It was firstly carried out in 2010 and was then repeated in 2013 and 2016.

Data are collected via an online survey participated by several hundred specialists of media and politics in the individual countries covered.

EMSS provides a set of indicators on:

  • qualitative coverage of public affairs (accuracy, argument quality, depth, and contextualization);
  • media partisanship;
  • the pluralism of political viewpoints appearing within and across media outlets, i.e., internal and external diversity;
  • structural influences on editorial content;
  • journalistic professionalism;
  • evaluations of the main features of public broadcasting;
  • the development of online outlets;
  • overall expert evaluations of media credibility, influence and performance in the given national contexts.

Results from the 2010 survey can be accessed here.

Results form the 2013 survey can be accessed here.

Tags: Media pluralism Ethics of journalism Political pressure
Publication Date: 30/06/2015
Source: European Media Systems Survey
Dataset format: xls
Accessibility: free