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Media Freedom Indices What They Tell Us – And What They Don’t

This report by DW Akademie assesses the impact of media freedom rankings, shading light on the different methodologies they adopt and on the strengths and weakness of each ranking

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French Press: Who Owns What


An infographic by Marie Beyer & Jérémie Fabre for Le Monde diplomatique highlights media ownership structure in France

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UK press is the most aggressive in reporting on Europe’s ‘migrant’ crisis

Public opinion has been polarised by the way newspapers are covering this story

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Islam, media object


Islam in the French daily national press - 1997-2015

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Deutsche Welle: Media freedom navigator

The Media Freedom Navigator, developed by Deutsche Well, provides an overview of different media freedom indices

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Media ownership: towards Pan-European groups?

A publication of the European Audiovisual Observatory shows how few media companies are controlling large part of broadcasting market in Europe

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