The Flash Eurobarometer survey report on the end of roaming charges within the EU was conducted using telephone interviews in all 28 Member States of the European Union. Over 26 thousand individuals of all ages above 15 were asked the following questions:

  • If they travelled within the EU in the last 12 months – both before and after 15 June 2017;
  • If they were aware of the end of roaming charges;
  • What non-travellers think are costs while roaming;
  • If they see benefits of the end of roaming charges;
  • If they used mobile services while traveling in other EU/EEA countries

More than a third of EU respondents travelled abroad in the EU since 15 June 2017, although there are large differences between countries in travelling habits. More than seven in ten respondents have heard about the end of roaming charges: the more they travelled after June 15th, the more they were aware of this. The high awareness goes with perceived future benefits, as more than 70% of the respondents think they or someone they know will benefit. However, over 60% of the respondents restrict the use of their mobile phones in other EU countries.

Tags: Open data Digital rights
Publication Date: 24/09/2017
Source: European Commission
Dataset format: xls
Accessibility: free