OnTheLine is the International Press Institute (IPI)’s digital media initiative and seeks to expose and counter a range of threats against press freedom and free expression in the digital sphere – e.g. via Twitter, Facebook, email etc. – including:

  • Threats of violence, including threats of death or other harm
  • Abusive behaviour, including sexual or other harassment, cyber-stalking, smear campaigns, the posting of defamatory or false materials, or other similar conduct
  • Technical interference, including the use of malware or other means to attack content you posted or the ability to access it, or hacking of your accounts or personal information
  • Improper legal threats, including threats of criminal or civil actions, or improper takedown requests

Data collected will be used to support IPI’s global advocacy efforts to promote online journalists’ safety and progressive regulatory frameworks that ensure free expression online.

Currently, the Database reflects data collected on Turkey since January 2016 and on Austria since September 2016. Additional countries will be included at a later point.

Tags: Digital safety
Publication Date: 23/02/2017
Source: International Press Institute
Dataset format: xml
Accessibility: free
Countries: Austria Turkey