OSSIGENO per l’informazione gathers data on journalists attacked or threatened in Italy. The latest figures, released in January 2018, show that over 3500 accidents have been filed since 2006.

Legal actions are widely used to intimidate, namely by means of ‘frivolous defamation lawsuit’ (559) and ‘abuse of legal process’ (349). 30% of the cases recorded in 2017 were warnings, i.e. threatening letters, threatening phone calls, verbal warning, etc. A slight increase in physical attacks has also been noticed in the last years.

Printed press journalists are found to be the most vulnerable with over 700 attacks recorded, followed by web journalists (347). 

Tags: Defamation and Libel Italy
Publication Date: 29/12/2017
Source: Ossigeno per l'Informazione
Dataset format: pdf
Accessibility: free
Countries: Italy