Twitter transparency report and data are released twice a year and refer to a six-month period (January-June, July-December). Data include:

Information requests include worldwide government requests for account information, typically in connection with criminal investigations but also emergency disclosure requests. These may come from government and non-government actors. The percentage of requests Twitter complied with in some manner is also specified.

Removal requests include worldwide legal requests received from governments and other authorized reporters to remove or withhold content on Twitter. Removal requests may be justified on the basis of discrimination, defamatory statements, or prohibited content. The number of removal requests reflected in this section only includes official legal process, such as court orders served on Twitter. Each request may identify multiple items to be removed. For example, a single request may ask us to remove individual Tweets or an entire user account.

Copyright notices includes reports of alleged copyright infringement and counter notices received. This category includes takedown notices received for Twitter, Vine, and Periscope content, along with data about the top five copyright reporters across all three platforms.

Trademark notices include reports of alleged Trademark Policy violations received for Twitter and Vine.

Tags: Online news Online media Censorship Digital rights Privacy
Publication Date: 20/09/2016
Source: Twitter, Inc.
Dataset format: csv
Accessibility: free