The Yearbook is one of the most comprehensive data sources on television, the film industry, video and the increasingly numerous on-demand audiovisual services in Europe. It provides three different complementary sections:

  • Pan-European and country data sets
  • Country profiles
  • Key trends

The 2016 edition is now available, the second edition of the Yearbook as a full online service.

Pan European and country datasets

More than 400 tables and graphs, covering 5 consecutive years tracking the main trends. Statistics are available both in consolidated pan-European tables and by country tables.

The Data sets of the Yearbook are subdivided into 7 main thematic sections

  • Markets indicators: audiovisual market in the EU - Pay-TV subscribers and revenues - Advertising revenues - Advertising expenditure by media
  • Distribution indicators: Digital platforms - Digital terrestrial television - Satellite television - Cable television - IPTV - Smart TV
  • Television services: Broadcasting revenues - Audience - Television viewing - Audience shares - Origin of TV channels - Availability of TV channels
  • On demand services: Services - Revenues
  • Players: Global and European Players - Public Service Broadcasting - Private Groups - Thematic and local TV - Distribution - Production
  • Film and Cinema: Film Production - Investments - Budgets - Sites - Screens - Digital Screens - Admissions - Box Office - Ticket price - Top 50 films - Admissions to European Films - Market shares of admissions
  • Video: Equipment - Turnover - Transactions - Prices

Country profiles

A country-by-country view of the audiovisual sector in 40 countries. The country profiles provide analysis of each country principal characteristics of the national television markets, household penetration rate for audiovisual equipment, breakdown of ad spend between the different types of media; main national players, funding of the public audiovisual media sector and more.

Key trends

The section is based on the data sets and shows the main developments that can be traced across Europe, such as the impact of on-demand services on linear viewing, the evolution of TV revenues, changes in the distribution of television, production and distribution of films and more.

Geographical coverage

The Yearbook Online Service covers the 40 member countries of the European Audiovisual Observatory.

The Yearbook Online Service is available by subscription only. Subscription to the Yearbook Online Service gives access to all 3 main sections: data sets, country profiles and key trends.

Tags: Media ownership
Publication Date: 31/10/2016
Source: European Audiovisual Observatory
Accessibility: subscription fee