Beyond 'Fake News': Tackling the Disinformation Ecosystem in Europe


In the panel, First Draft's Claire Wardle presents the full spectrum of the disinformation ecosystem, with a focus on the European context. Drawing on the experiences of CrossCheck France, she discusses the specific challenges news organizations face as they embark on fact-checking and debunking initiatives. The panel goes on with a discussion including Isa Sonnenfeld (Google News Lab) and representatives from various German newsrooms.

The panel took place during the re:publica GmbH Berlin , Europe's largest internet and digital society conference. Founded in 2007 by Tanja Haeusler, Andreas Gebhard, Markus Beckedahl, and Johnny Hauesler, re:publica GmbH’s shareholders, newthinking communications and Spreeblick Verlag, have been committed to issues of net politics, as well as digital culture and society, for over a decade.