CPDP 2019: DPAs and the media


How do DPAs try to shape the public image of their increased authority and role under the GDPR? How do DPAs respond to the anti-GDPR press? What are the relationships between DPAs and the media of various ideological and political orientations?

Media of all kinds are important players in the privacy game. Privacy and human rights-minded media can be an ally of the Data Protection Authorities (DPAs); others can help to spread information about the DPAs’ work; but there are also numerous business and political media forums that openly criticise data protection law, the GDPR and the DPAs in general. The many social and business interests around privacy, pro and con, place articles, messages, blog posts and comments in, or aim to influence opinions through the media, as they did during the period of debates on the draft GDPR. 

This panel of the CPDP2019  aims to explore some of these issues and relationships between DPAs and the media.

Chair: Charles Raab, University of Edinburgh (UK)

Moderator: Ivan Szekely, Central European University (HU)

Speakers: Jennifer Baker, EU Policy Correspondent (BE); Balazs Bodo, UvA (NL); Steve Wood, ICO (UK); Greet Gysen, EDPB (EU)

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