European Media Freedom Act


The panel explores the innovations included in the European Media Freedom Act, focussing on how the challenging attempt to harmonise the norms and provisions that regulate journalism in the different member states can either promote or curb the free exercise of the profession and the rights to freedom of expression in the European space. From state advertising and state funded media to media ownership, from the protection of editorial independence to anti-surveillance measures, the EMFA addresses contested domains where conflictual political views and economic demands challenge the essence of journalism as a cornerstone of our democracy.

Introduction: Dimitri Bettoni, Journalist and Researcher at OBC Transeuropa

Moderator: Oliver Money-Kyrle, Head of European Advocacy at International Press Institute (IPI)

Speakers: Renate Schroeder, Director at European Federation of Journalists (EFJ)

Dimitri Deliolanes, Freelance journalist

Elda Brogi, Professor at European University Institute and Scientific Coordinator at Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom

Eva Simon, Senior Advocacy Officer at Liberties

This panel was part of the international conference Media-Democracy Nexus in the European Space organised by OBCT as part of the MFRR project. Learn more on OBCT's dedicated dossier