How To Make A Super-Secure Password


This short video is a guide on how to make super-secure password using ordinary dice

This animated short video overview by Aj+ , the online news platform run by Al Jazeera Media Network, explains how to use Arnold G. Reinhold’s Diceware technique—a method of choosing a secure password using dice and a list of Diceware words. This allows to make super random passwords easy to memorize and use, which are composed by random dice warewords that are extremely hard to guess, even for computer programs and robots disegned to guess passwords.Just to make an example oh how this is effective, five random words (64 bits) is believed to help protect against a criminal attacker while six random words (77 bits) is believed to help protect against most all but the most motivated state-level attackers (like the NSA).

This video is part of the project Surveillance and Self-defence: Tips, Tols and How-tos for safer online communications by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.