IJF19: Technology and automation in the fight against misinformation


Using technology in the fight against misinformation is nothing new. Numerous developments and initiatives that aim to counter the spread of false information with the aid of technology have emerged in the past. The session will portray some of these developments and activities. It will furthermore discuss to what extent algorithms can support in the verification of digital content. Another aim is to point to major challenges that still exist, and possible ways of countering them. The subject is approached from various angles and brings together practitioners from diverse areas.

A panel at the International Journalism Festival in Perugia.


  • Alexandre Alaphilippe (executive director EU DisinfoLab)
  • Hazel Baker (global head of UGC newsgathering Reuters)
  • Guido Buelow (strategic initiatives EMEA Facebook)
  • Jochen Spangenberg (innovation manager Deutsche Welle)
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