Martin Hoffmann (ECPMF) at the Media and Culture Committee of the German Parliament


ECPMF reporter Martin Hoffman has briefed Germany's MPs on the rising number of attacks against journalists, as Germany’s refugee crisis erupts in political violence

Martin Hoffman presented the findings of ECPMF fact finding mission to the Media and Culture Committee of the German Parliament, (the Bundestag) on 13th of January 2016. At least 49 attacks have been notified for 2015 so far, as ECPMF Fact Finding Mission revealed. It also indicates that this massive increase is linked to the growing strength of populist movements such as Pegida and Legida (anti-Islam, anti-immigration) and Alternative für Deutschland AfD (nationalist, ultra-right) and the antifascist and anarchist opposition groups.

The video is in German.

Read the article about this presentation and the outcomes of the fact-finding mission, originally published by ECPMF