Physical attacks against journalists - the hatred against "lügenpresse"


Lecture in German about the "lügenpresse" discussion and rising attacs on journalists in 2015

Martin Hoffmann (ECPMF) discusses in this video the notion of "Lügenpresse", the "lying press", which has received increasing visibility in Germany in the last two years.

At the very frequent gatherings of the so-called -GIDA movements (regional branches of Pegida are often named according to the name of the town, e.g. Legida, Thürgida, Bärgida) protesters meet directly with the press as part of the  concept of their enemy - and very often feel harassed, overwhelmed and provoked by journalists

Martin Hoffmann presents his survey on this topic, examining to what extent the debate is only vocal or if it has an influence on the attacs against journalists which - in 2015 only - increased from approximately 10 cases to at least 49 instances reported.