Protect Your Devices From Hackers – Don't Get '0wned'


This short video is a guide on how to protect yourself from malicious attacks online

Malicious attackers can take over your device—whether it's a laptop computer, a desktop PC, a smartphone or tablet—and use it to find out more about you, spy on you, or plant evidence. This animation by Aj+, the online news platform run by Al Jazeera Media Network, explains a few of the ways computers get taken over and how you can protect yourself against violations of privacy online.

Malicious attacks can be performed by email attachments that contains malware that can turn in your computer’s microphones and broadcast your conversations, record your screen, watch what you type on your keyboard, copy files, or even insert false records. Another way is malicious weblinks that can infect a computer remotely just by visiting a webpage, and USB or thunderbolt connectors where a malicious program has been copied, and will automatically infect your computer.

This video is part of the project Surveillance and Self-defence: Tips, Tols and How-tos for safer online communications by the Electronic Frontier Foundation .