Whistleblowing - Prof. Dirk Voorhoof at #ECPMF2016 Conference


A detailed academic and practical insight by Professor Voorhoof into the case law of the ECtHR concerning access to information, protection of leaks, whistleblowing and journalists.

During the ECPMF Media Freedom Conference 2016 professor Dirk Voorhoof provided a detailed review of ECtHR case law, the initial standards and the current legal novelties introduced by the European Court for Human Rights in recent years, highlighting worrying trends and presenting a number of cases which do not follow the previous line of legal arguments given by the Court.

In order to improve the situation, better monitoring by the media is needed, journalists and academics should bring more attention to these issues and inform the public about them. According to Voorhoof, third party interventions at the ECtHR should be more frequent so that the mistakes are not repeated – that is where ECPMF is playing a role by supporting journalists. Finally, a dialogue with the ECtHT is necessary.