Publication Date: October 2023
Research and Editorial Team: EFJ, IPI, ECPMF

From January to June, partners of the Media Freedom Rapid Response consortium recorded 575 media freedom violations in European Union Member States and candidate countries, including cases of physical attacks, verbal threats, and vexatious lawsuits.

After providing an overview of the media freedom situation in the European space, the report focuses on four thematic sections:

  • Crackdown on independent media in Turkey amidst devasting earthquakes and national elections held at the beginning of 2023;
  • The war in Ukraine and its impact on media freedom in the country
  • Press freedom violation from law enforcement authorities
  • Reputational attacks against journalists

Finally, the report dedicates a special section to specific EU member states and candidate countries, i.e. Italy, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece, Germany, and France; Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

Tags: mediafreedom Media pluralism Safety of journalists

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