At times, media coverage and representations have too often been discriminatory, exclusive and biased, with many important voices left unheard. The upcoming training attempts to address these issues through ethical and unbiased reporting.

There are 30 spots available for journalists from EU and candidate countries or Council of Europe members. The training aims to improve the understanding of Muslims and Islam through unbiased media reporting, connecting with Muslims and religious representatives as well as diversifying the medias’ respective views and portrayals. Participating journalists will have the opportunity to collaborate in making a media production.

The training will take place on 23 April, 7 May and 21 May. Each session will last for 2.5 hours plus a 2-hour assignment each time. A final panel session will take place on 18 June, where the lessons learnt during the webinars and how to proceed from there will be discussed.

Are you interested in participating in the webinars? Then please fill out this application form with some information about yourself, your background and motivation to apply. The deadline is 31 March 2021.

Here more info and the full agenda.

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