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Not investigated asks for 600 thousand euro for His photos on Velletri Oggi

The request comes from the president of the waste disposal company following the publication. Defensive act. Sought the condemnation of the plaintiff for vexatious litigationSix hundred thousand Euros for damages. This is the figure that the lawyer Piero Guidaldi, president of Volsca Environment and Services (municipal company of the townships of Albano, Velletri and Lariano

Source: Ossigeno Informazione » O2 in English

Europe&Me is recruiting. Call for editors.

E&M is an award-winning online magazine that gives voice to a generation which thinks about Europe from unconventional perspectives....

Source: European Youth Press

Call for members of the Advisory Board

The European Youth Press (EYP), network of young media makers, is seeking new members to join the Advisory Board for the 2015/2017-mandate period. The elections will take place at the General Assembly of the European Youth Press on 28-29 November 2015 in Budapest, Hungary.

Source: European Youth Press

Measuring Inequalities in a Digital Britain

Dr Ellen Helsper is Associate Professor of Media and Communications at the London School of Economics. In collaboration with Go On UK, she has launched the UK Digital Exclusion Heatmap, which provides a visualisation and exploration of digital and social exclusion in the UK. The UK Digital Exclusion Heatmap, launched today by Go On UK, confirms strong links between social […]

Source: Media Policy Project

A refuge for journalists under threat in Leipzig: ECPMF launches its Journalists-in-Residence-Programme

(Leipzig) European countries are supposed to have a free press. Yet often journalists are confronted suddenly with real and serious dangers: threats, arrest, prison, smashed cameras...

Source: European Youth Press

Film-makers in Russia and Syria struggle for freedom of expression

Dok Leipzig, a major documentary festival in the world,  presented a Russian film on the theme of freedom of expression.  Dr Grit Lemke, the festival’s Programme Leader, described how the restrictions on film makers in Europe can produce crazy results. For example, the Russia Documentary Festival was re-located to Riga in Latvia and some films from Kosovo could be shown only in Albania.Dr Lemke introduced Victory Day by Alina Rudnitskaya. She pointed out that the theme of the film is homsexuality, and the restrictions on freedom of expression that exist in Russia for gay and lesbian couples. She said…

Source: European Centre for Press and Media Freedom (ECPMF)

Extra application call for by-subject grants

We are pleased to announce an extra application call for 2015. It is a by-subject call, so only applications on specific topics are eligible. The deadline is Wednesday 25 November.   In addition to our regular European cross-border grants, we also have special, by-subject cross-border grants. These are grants reserved for journalism stories on a specific topic. The eligible topics this time around are: Surveillance and privacy Nature and environment Economy and finance (public spending and public debt, corruption) Lobbying The deadline for this call closes on Wednesday 25 November 2015 at 11.59 pm Brussels time. There is €41,000 to distribute. Read more…

Source: European Centre for Press and Media Freedom (ECPMF)

Media and Communication released Part I of the thematic issue on Surveillance, edited by James Schwoch, John Laprise and Ivory Mills.

edited by James Schwoch, John Laprise and Ivory Mills This issue gathers contributions by leading researchers: Christian Fuchs, Michael McCahill, Charles D. Raab , Richard Jones, Iván Székely, Mike Zajko, Nora Ni Loideain, Sun-ha Hong, Sebastian Kubitschko and Sarah Jackson Young. All articles can be downloaded free of charge (open access) at:…

Source: European Centre for Press and Media Freedom (ECPMF)

#ECPMF: first conference in Leipzig

On 8th and 9th October 2015 the first ECPMF conference was held in Leipzig, with the participation of journalists and media experts from twenty-three different countries. OBC took part to the event as one of the funding partners.

Source: Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso - ECPMF News

Vukašin Obradović: critical media under fire in Serbia

Restrictions on media freedom are becoming more and more common in Serbia. Interview with Vukašin Obradović, president of the Association of Independent Journalists of Serbia (NUNS)

Source: Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso - ECPMF News