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Call for : Journalists interested in covering about migration

European Federation of Journalists offers a free online course called: ‘Deeper perspectives on migration and asylum’. It is always easy to report on migration and asylum issues as it requires journalists to be unbiased while still reflecting the human side of the story...

Source: European Youth Press

Call for : Students of Journalism and German with journalistic experience from Belarus, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, the Caucasus and Central Asia, an...

The International Journalists’ College announces a call for participation in an internship program Journalists International 2016. The three-month program (July – September 2016) consists of a seminar program on history...

Source: European Youth Press

Call for : Journalists interested in webinar about Twitter

ICFJ Anywhere is offering the fifth in a series of webinars for journalists supported by the Dow Jones Foundation. In an hourlong discussion, ICFJ Knight International Journalism Fellow Chris Roperwill discuss Twitter's capacity to reinvent journalism...

Source: European Youth Press

Call for : Journalists interested in citizen journalism

The project LADDER will create a network of citizen journalists (approx 50 people) from all over the enlarged Europe (all the EU countries represented by LADDER partners) who are already or wish to be involved...

Source: European Youth Press

Call for : Journalists from 47 Council of Europe Countries

The European Press Prize is an initiative of seven European organizations that aim to encourage journalism of the highest quality in the continent.The contest will award one applicant in five categories...

Source: European Youth Press

Call for : Journalists interested in participating at European Youth Event

Together we can make a change" – that’s the motto of next edition of the European Youth Event that will take place on 20-21 May 2016 in the European Parliament in Strasbourg. If you are between 16 and 30 years...

Source: European Youth Press

Too much waste in Naples, Giletti says on tv, and the mayor suis him

The council approved the request for a compensation in the order of the millions. Sued by another administrator, Filippo Facci, for an article published on Libero The City Council of Naples, led by the Mayor Luigi de Magistris, has instructed lawyers to present a lawsuit, and “to seek a damage componsation in the order of

Source: Ossigeno Informazione » O2 in English

Vatileaks 2. Chief editor Radio Maria without brakes: “I’d almost hang those two”

Livio Fanzaga used violent language against the journalists Emiliano Fittipaldi and Gianluigi Nuzzi, author of the inquiry books on the Vatican’s finances “I’d hang, quite very nearly,” he said on November 5, 2015, with violent language and manifest intolerance, Father Livio Fanzaga, the Catholic priest chief editor of Radio Maria. He said it during the

Source: Ossigeno Informazione » O2 in English

Marche. Damaged cars of two sports journalists after games

Tires slashed and broken mirror of the machine of VeraTV. Ripped apart that of Sigim, Gcm and Ussi Marche condemn the attack Damaged the cars of two sports journalists in the space of three days. It happened in Montegranaro, in the province of Fermo, on 25 and 28 October 2015 to the cars of,

Source: Ossigeno Informazione » O2 in English

Bad News | Thursday November 12

Five intimidations this week in Italy Five. So many where in Italy within the week 2-8 November 2015 the victims of violations of freedom of expression through threats and abuses of Law and judicial proceeding which names Ossigeno added to the Public table of the names of victims that includs journalists, bloggers and operators intimidated. Since January 1, 2015 Ossigeno

Source: Ossigeno Informazione » english