Publication Date: March 2017

Pierluigi Allotti is a journalist and contemporary history scholar teaching journalism history at Sapienza University in Rome. In Quarto Potere – Giornalismo e giornalisti nell’Italia contemporanea (Fourth estate - Journalism and journalists in contemporary Italy), the author provides an overarching historical review of the Italian media landscape since 1848 until the early 1990s. Throughout the eight chapters of the book, Allotti weaves in the stories of leading Italian newspapers and journalists, exposing to the readers the degree to which the history of press is intervened with Italy’s recent history. The combination of an effortless writing style, accurate footnotes mentioning the sources employed by the author, a rich bibliography, and index make this a must read for anyone who wishes to comprehend the dynamics of the current Italian media context.

Tags: Italy Media freedom Media pluralism Media ownership

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