Publication Date: February 2021
Research and Editorial Team: Lee C. Bollinger and Agnes Callamard

This volume brings together leading experts from a variety of fields to critically evaluate the extent to which global norms on freedom of expression and information have been established and which actors and institutions have contributed to their diffusion.

Together, the essays lay the groundwork for an international legal doctrine on global freedom of expression that considers issues such as access to government-held information, media diversity, and political speech.

Preface: The Idea of Global Norms of Freedom of Speech and Press, by Lee C. Bollinger
Introduction: Regardless of Frontiers? Global Freedom of Expression Norms for a Troubled World, by Agnès Callamard
Freedom of Expression and Three Concepts of the Global, by Frederick Schauer

Part I: A Global Threshold

Part II: Intergovernmental Institutions and International Actors as Norm Entrepreneurs

Part III: Conflicts, Competition, Antiglobalization

Part IV: Interactive Global Jurisprudence

Here a video presentation with the author.

Tags: Freedom of expression Research Digital rights

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