Publication Date: March 2018
Research and Editorial Team: Dejusticia, César Rodríguez-Garavito, Krizna Gomez, Ivor Chipkin, et al eds
Rising To The Populist Challenge: A New Playbook For Human Rights Actors

This digest has been produced in cooperation with the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) 

The publication clarifies specific challenges raised to human rights and the civil society by contemporary populist regimes and movements, as well as documenting and learning from the case studies of initiatives of human rights actors.

Publication discusses crackdown on NGO sector in Hungary, attacks on Turkish media, and global case studies, providing a strategic response to the challenges through new narratives, search of funding models, regulatory alternatives and  grassroots mobilization.

The research discusses that even though the human rights activists have been in the front lines for defending the human rights, there should be no evaluation of better or worse times for the resistance of oppression. Challenges like invasive laws of regulation and restraining funding, campaigns against civil society and attacks against the media, political repressions and restrictions on human rights activists are the main challenges faced by the civil society, which have to be addressed in new ways.

Tags: Access to information Human rights Political pressure

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