Publication Date: January 2015
Research and Editorial Team: Radomir Ličina (editor); Saša Leković; Jorgos Papadakis; Slađana Matejević

This Manual contains definitions, advice and practical examples connected to the regular activities of media workers and media outlets in extraordinary situations, including reporting from conflict areas, during demonstrations and social unrest, about natural and other disasters, and reporting under internal and external pressures, threats and lawsuits.

The manual covers basic principles of ethical journalism, including corruption and it also examines new challenges posed by new technologies. Some of these topics, like reporting from war zones, were given more space in this book than others. This is primarily due to the fact that one of the main contributors to the Manual, Saša Leković, has impressive experience in that field, and also because this knowledge is also applicable in other extraordinary situations.

The manual is published in 9 languages (English + country editions in local languages for Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, Romania and Turkey) and each version includes a final section with country-specific contact numbers and information. The different linguistic versions are available here

Tags: Safety of journalists Worldwide

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