Publication Date: December 2014
Research and Editorial Team: Professor Peggy Valcke, KU Leuven
Belgium MPM 2014

Belgium MPM 2014

MPM 2014 divides the risks for media pluralism into three categories, encompassing respectively legal, economic and socio-political aspects. The implementation of the MPM 2014 for Belgium reveals to what extend media pluralism is at risk in the country. The report shows a low/medium risk for media pluralism in Belgium, with the highest risk lying in the economic indicator whereas the legal and socio-political indicators show low risks.

The results collected are neatly arranged, using various graphics that help to visualize the content. The indicators, their results and a critical examination on methods and how to improve them are presented in the report.

Despite being a small country, Belgium has three linguistic communities: the Flemish, French and German-speaking ones. This diversity is also reflected in the economic situation of Belgium since the media markets are divided into the Flemish and French speaking sector. Yet there is no German sector assessed.

Every Community also has its own separate media regulator and media law. As a consequence the divided markets are small compared to their neighbouring countries. The indicators of each community are assessed separately but are considered to be national media. MPM argues that every Community is accessible to all citizens although the French-speaking sector mainly addresses the French Population and the Flemish speaking addresses the Flemish Community.

Tags: Belgium Media pluralism Media freedom

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