Publication Date: December 2015

The Standard Eurobarometer 84 survey was conducted between 7 and 17 November 2015. This report presents the results of the survey devoted to the analysis of the media use of Europeans and their perceptions of information on the European Union. This theme has been monitored in each Standard Eurobarometer autumn survey since 2010. For some indicators, older figures will appear, sometimes going back to 2005.

The previous Standard Eurobarometer survey of autumn 2014 (EB82) showed a slight increase in trust in all the media and a continued belief in the objectivity of their coverage of the European Union.
It also highlighted a rise in Internet use in the media habits of Europeans, and recognition of the political relevance of online social networks. But it also showed growing criticism of these online social networks' lack of reliability in terms of political information. Respondents were a little more likely to feel well-informed about the European Union, but those who did so were still a minority.

This report contains results and analyses that cover:
- The media use of Europeans, and their trust in the media;
- Information on the European Union;
- The preferred sources of information on national and European political matters;
- Perceptions of the way in which the media present the European Union, in terms of the quantity and objectivity of their coverage;
- Opinions on social networks.

Tags: Trust in media EU Member States

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